• "Somehow Dave's marketing insights have managed to both scare the shit out of me and comfort me, which is no easy feat."

    - Gavin C., startup co-founder and former client

  • Dave Marcello, 18+ years at this.

    Senior Growth Strategist.

    Pragmatic Creative.

    Brand Storyteller.

    Product Marketer.

    Two-Time Startup Founder.

    Three Successful Exits.

    Terrible Golfer.

    Worse Surfer.

  • There to here

    From early stage startups to Fortune 100 brands and everywhere in between.


    Undergrad & MBA

    Good student? Nope. Acclaimed for recreational stunts? Yep. I graduated, alright?


    Managed big-brand client accounts of $4mm+ revenue for the agency, oversaw diverse account teams. Company acquired. 


    Small Biz & Startup Growth Consultant

    Closed 45+ clients, advised CEOs and CMOs, from strategy to messaging to market research to campaign execution.


    VP Marketing & Sales, reframed biz offerings and messaging that led to first meaningful sales. Company acquired. 


    Co-founder & growth lead, raised six-figure seed round, acquired 100k+ users in 8 months at < $0.32 customer acquisition cost.


    Audiokite Research

    Partner & Head of Growth, grew new accounts, built enterprise sales arm, oversaw content and partnerships. Company acquired.


    CMO, increased new daily signups, designed and launched multiple new products, oversaw department. Company acquired.


    PlayMetrics (eMinor, inc.)

    CMO, designed brand, built sales and marketing systems, acquired 800+ qualified B2B leads in first year.


    CMO, part of a small team that launched the brand and MVP product iterations. Company acquired. 

  • Oh, stop you guyyyyssss.....

    Joe Zajac, Senior VP Consulting at Excel Sports Management

    "Dave is truly one of the most outstanding performers I've ever worked with. He excels at a combination of attributes - strategy, creativity, leadership, speed, hustle, passion for the work, attention to detail. Dave has a really unique set of interpersonal skills that make him fun to work with and easily able to connect with a very wide variety of people."

    Alex Mitchell, Co-founder/CEO at Audiokite Research, Founder/CEO at Boomy

    "Dave is one of those people where you can say, 'Hey Dave, get us more X!' and a week later you have more X. His exhaustive experience leveraging digital platforms led to Audiokite's greatest period of growth. Incredibly, he also excels at customer communication and development, copywriting, email marketing, product strategy, and probably a hundred other things. Frankly, I'm honored to work with him."

    Spencer Barkoff, Co-founder/CEO at Campus Bubble, Founder/CEO at Relay Payments

    "Dave's energetic personality improved and enhanced company culture even while working remotely. His ability to take anything thrown at him and quickly produce quality deliverables made him an incredible asset to the team. I would recommend him for any marketing or sales position solely based on his strategic mindset and relationship building skill set."